Armed Resistance DLX Arcade Video Game

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Thrilling action-adventure sci-fi futuristic video game!

6 Machines to choose from – a sports car, tank, trucks, robot reptile, helicopter and fighter plane
3 stages: Harbor, Desert Storm and Ruins
Single Battle mode: Destroy the enemy, destroy their enemy base, win points
Linked Battle mode: Team up and destroy enemy bases
Obtain battle achievements throughout game
How to Play

The tail of a passing comet makes contact with earth on its course through the atmosphere. A freak electrical charge creates humanoid robotic machines as man fuses with machine. The Intelligent Organisms, as they become known, go to battle with the Military and a war of force commences. Players have to destroy the enemy and occupy the Attack Tower to win points.

Armed Resistance DLX Arcade Game Dimensions:
H: 76", W: 64", D: 65.5", Wt: 442 Lbs

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