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Guardians Of The Galaxy Pro Pinball Machine


 The game will immerse players in a dynamic, challenging, and galactic pinball environment where Star-Lord, Rocket, Gamora, Drax the Destroyer, and Groot battle Ronan to stop him from using the Infinity Stone to destroy the galaxy.

 Stern’s Guardians of the Galaxy Pro Pinball is packed with features that provide an irresistible game play experience. This amazing pinball machine features a sculpted and interactive ball-eating Groot.

 In addition, a custom sculpted Rocket figure will keep players on their toes as it blasts the ball back at rocket speed. Color-changing inserts highlight the mysterious and interactive Orb, which opens to reveal the powerful Infinity Stone.

The cabinet artwork is amazing and was hand drawn by artist Christopher Franchi. Attractions and score music composed by Ken Hale.

Guardians of the Galaxy Pinball Features:
*Talking Groot bash toy with motorized jaw locks balls for Multiball action
*Orb toy exposes the illuminated Infinity Stone
*Drop target with trip coil locks & releases balls to qualify Orb Multiball
*8 interactive game play modes
*HD video scenes from the original film associated with game play modes
*High fidelity sound system
*Groot bash toy with motorized jaw
*Groot 4 ball lock mechanism
*Rocket figurine (static)
*Orb toy (static) in open position with illuminated Infinity stone
*Drop target with trip coil virtual ball lock
*One playfield magnet in the middle of the playfield to divert balls and create multiball chaos
*Guardians of the Galaxy bar target
*2 Control gate divert mechanisms at top lanes
*3 Pop Bumper
*5 Hadron Enforcer & 2 Groot stand-up targets
*2 Flippers
*Two high-speed ramps that extend through the backpanel
*4 Flashing LED ramp mini mars domes
*Ball scoop kickback
*Illuminated vertical feature-billboard

Guardians Of The Galaxy Pro Pinball Machine Dimensions:
H: 77", W: 29", L: 56", Wt: 250 Lbs

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