Stern Pinball

X-Men Pro Pinball Machine


Stern Pinball takes one of Marvels best selling comic book series and turns it into one amazing pinball! If you are a fan of the comic books you will love this game. The cabinet artwork looks fantastic. The game is super fast and super fun!

X-Men Pro Pinball Machine Features:
Custom-Molded "Wolverine" Bash Toy
Wolverine Playfield Magnet Activated by "Bash Toy" and Game Rules
Orbit Shot "Magneto" Ball Diverter (into the back of the ball lock)
"Magneto" Dual Up-Post Ball Lock Assembly
Custom-Molded "Magneto" Figurine
"Power-Scoop" Ball Ejector
3rd Flipper (upper right)
Vertical Up-Kicker Diverts Ball Onto Left Ramp
2 Molded Super Speed Ramps
2 "Hellfire” Targets (on left)
2 "Brotherhood” Targets (on right)
2 "Light Lock" Targets
1 "Cyclops” Spinning Target
3 Super Bright LED Pop Bumpers
2 High-Powered Slingshots
Traditional Country-Specific Coin Door
Game-Specific QR Codes
Decal and Leg Protectors
Official Game Speech Provided By Marvel
High-Definition Color Cabinet Decals
"Magneto" Playfield Magnet In Front Of Magneto
4 Dome Flash Lamp Assemblies
"Latch" Lockdown Bar
Black ABS Lower Arch

X-Men Pro Pinball Machine Dimensions:
H: 75.5", W: 28", D: 55", Wt: 325 Lbs

All refurbished pinball machines are fully restored before they leave our shop. We completely tear apart the play field. All ramps, and plastics are hand cleaned. We add all new rubbers, bulbs, and a new play field glass. We also add rebuilt flipper kits, and new parts on the electronic boards.

We put the machine through our body shop to make sure the games looks great. Everything is then Q.C.'d and play tested to make sure everything is in 100 % working order. The game comes with a 90 day warranty. The warranty covers the boards, display and mechanical parts. We also give free phone support for life.

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