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Air Ride 2 Ticket Redemption Coin Air Hockey Table


The NEW Air Ride has been improved with new and modern LED light up play field and legs  features. It is an enhanced version of our current 2-player redemption hockey table. Air Ride is perfect for all locations, especially areas with height restrictions, or home game and recreation rooms.
Air Ride 2 Air Hockey Table Features:
  • One Piece Slide Rail Eliminates the Goal Bars
  • LED light up play field and legs
  • Mallet holders on table corners
  • Lightweight aluminum body
  • No overhead bar
  • LED timer and score display under the playfield surface
  • Perfect for home use with optional free play buttons
  • Includes: 10 pucks, 4 rubber-gripped mallets, Puck Sweat table polish, dual coin comparators [DBA and card swipe compatible]
  • Optional Redemption: Dual Entropy 2000 Ticket Dispensers
Air Ride 2 Arcade Air Hockey Dimensions: 
Length: 87 in.
Width:  46 in.
Height:  31 in.
Weight: 330 lbs.
*All new Air Hockey Tables come with the factory warranty and free phone support for as long as you own the Air Hockey Table.*
New Air Hockey Table might also be available used recondition. Please contact us for a special price.

Price Does Not Include Shipping. Please Contact Us For Shipping Cost.