Balloon Buster Prize Arcade Game


 Come one, come all! Incorporating authentic carnival-themed graphics and sounds, Balloon Buster recreates that fun atmosphere found at the carnival for all players to enjoy.

 This attractively themed prize merchandiser has nostalgic appeal for all audiences ensuring it’s hard to walk past without giving it a try. To win players guide a long metal dart through the hole and pop a balloon and win the prize. Simple, quick game play encourages repeat attempts.

Balloon Buster Prize Arcade Game Features:

  • Pop balloons to win hanging prizes!
  • Exciting Carnival themed graphics and voice messages.
  • Quick game play with 5 prize options

Balloon Buster Prize Arcade Game Dimensions:
87cm (34”) W x 93cm (37”) D x 219cm (86”) H
Height without header: 200cm (79”)
Weight: 205kg (452lbs)

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