Carnival King Arcade Shooting Game


Carnival King is a carnival-themed shooting game consisting of four different games. Journey through different lands including Arcadia, Dreamland, and Lagoon Park challenging your speed, timing, strategy and accuracy. Play all four games and attempt to reach the bonus round.

The four games consist of the following:
1. Knock 'Em Over: The goal of this game is to shoot
the different targets that pop up. White targets score 25 points and green score 100.

2. Animal Match: The goal of this game is to shoot
different pairs of targets. The targets differ in both
color and shape.

3. Cluster Buster: The goal of this game is to shoot
balls to drop the columns. If you cluster balls of the same color, you get more points.

4. Shoot the Star: The goal of this game is to shoot the star that is in the center of a waving flag.

Carnival King Video Arcade Game Dimensions:
H: 77", W: 28", D: 32", W: 400 Lbs

Warranty Information:
Our used arcade shooting games come refurbished. The games are cleaned and painted to look as close to new as possible. As part of our procedures, we replace all defective parts and replace common maintenance parts.

All refurbished arcade shooting games are Q.C.'d and play tested to make sure everything is in 100% working order upon leaving our building. The games come with a limited 90 day warranty which covers the boards, display, and mechanical parts.

This warranty applies to all residential clients and our commercial clients operating on quarters or tokens. We can only offer a 30 day warranty on these items for our commercial clients operating the games on free play.

Price Does Not Include Shipping. Please Contact Us For Shipping Cost.