Choo Choo Train Ticket Arcade Game

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 Fans of Thomas will love Choo Choo Train with its fun and attractive theme and colorful graphics. The train driver and animated music welcome young conductors to a mountain of colorful balls to toss at the targets. Friends and siblings are encouraged to join in to help win double points in the closing stage frenzy at the end.

 Operators can configure settings including game duration and ticket payout options – for tickets, coupons, or amusement only.

 Pair two Choo Choo Train games side-by-side for more player appeal, or bank together with Pirate Battle and Princess Castle for a stunning presentation that attracts all the boys and girls.

Choo Choo Train Features:

  • Fun designed ball toss redemption games for little ones.
  • Vibrant light effects and themed voices.
  • Bank all three together for excellent boy/girl offering.

Choo Choo Train Ticket Games Dimensions:
185cm (73”) D x 90cm (35”) W x 265cm (104”) H
Train Height: 217cm (85”) H
Weight: 205kg (452lbs)

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