Color Match Club Prize Arcade Game

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Its not your average merchandiser with its unique and entertaining game play, retro styling and design with seven secure prize lockers for Major Prizes and six spiral vending arms and a ticket dispenser for Minor Prizes, this small footprint Color Match packs in a lot of attraction for players.

Color Match offers fully adjustable on-screen operator settings, with a payout calculator built in to manage your desired payout based on the value of your prizes. The quick and simple game play where players naturally match the colors of the on-screen rotating disk is both fun but challenging to master. After five color matches players can choose the Minor Prize or risk it all to play on for a shot at one of the Major Prizes.

With an impressive set of features and simplicity of play, it’s no wonder Color Match is a top earner in locations worldwide.

Color Match Features:
Compact prize redemption skill game.
4 Major and 6 Minor prize arms.
Capsule/Ticket/Spiral Vend Minor Prize options.
User friendly operator menu.

Color Match Club Arcade Prize Game Dimensions:
H: 81.1", W: 30.3", L: 28.8", Wt: 353 Lbs

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