Barron Games

F-16 Jet Fighter Kiddie Ride


Barron Games Fighter Jet Kiddie Ride has the same great features of all of their kiddie rides. You have the ability of 110V or 220V Operation. You have 1$ to 5$ Coin Operation, Push Button SFX, LED Lights, Fun Music, Programmable Ride Time and more.

F-16 Fighter Jet Kiddie Ride Features:
Seats 1
Up and down motion
Large steps for easy access
Available in blue and green
Weight capacity: 100 kg/220 lb
CE certified
Available in Green or Blue

F-16 Fighter Jet Kiddie Ride Dimensions:
H: 108", W: 89", D: 89", W: 825 Lbs

*All new Kiddie Rides come with the factory warranty and free phone support for as long as you own the Air Hockey Table.*

New Kiddie Rides might also be available used recondition. Please contact us for a special price.

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