Golden Tee 2021 Home Edition Golf Game


 Complete your game room or man cave with the most popular arcade game ever made. Seen in more than 15,000 bars and restaurants around the world, the Golden Tee Home Edition is the same exact game that millions of players have fallen in love with over the past three decades.

 It comes equipped with more than 85 courses—allowing players the opportunity to compete on original, breathtaking designs around the globe. The game comes jam-packed with game modes, including the all-new Campaign feature that allows golfers to challenge PGA Tour legend John Daly. Bring your game online to access specialty equipment, monitor your stats, compete in global contests and access exclusive courses and content.

New Golden Tee Features:

  • Five brand new 2021 courses! PLUS, Two More Time-Released Courses
  • More custom putters, clubs, outfits and more!
  • New Courses in Campaign Mode!
  • Events Mode is Bigger and Better! Custom contest, 9 hole events and More.
  • 10 New Freaky Friday Courses in Casual Mode!
  • Now Comes with Built-In WIFI!
  • Wifi Hub Kit included with Purchase of Golden Tee 2021 Home edition* 
  • Now with 90+ courses! Also includes a 3 month online subscription trial.
  • This is a factory official game direct from Incredible Technologies.
  • LIVE Tournaments and Stat Tracking (with Online Subscription):

With the Golden Tee Home Edition and Online Upgrade you can compete against Golden Tee players around the world in Glory and Stats Play, both of which are available on the Golden Tee Home Edition ONLY with a monthly or yearly subscription ($9.95 monthly or $99.95 yearly) Test your luck in as many 20-person Glory Play contests as you please, or try to topple personal bests while playing in Stats Play with your trusty equipment available. Want to see how you stack up worldwide? Play one game on each course during a month and receive a Golden Tee World Ranking. You'll also be able to monitor your progress on your game with your Golden Tee Web Account or GT Caddy for IOS and Android.

Golden Tee Online at Home can now download the GT Caddy app and play in private contests against other people. The states that can’t bet money but can still play Invitationals are South Dakota, Louisiana, New Jersey, Alaska, and Canada.   

Golden Tee Golf offers players a more laid back video golf experience without taking away the competitive factor that has made Golden Tee the barroom staple it is today.

Expand Courses:

  • 5 New Courses
  • PLUS, Two More Time-Released Courses
  • More than 90 Courses in All

Expanded Game Features:

  • New courses in Campaign Mode!
  • Climb the ladder and become a Golden Tee Champion.
  • Real Time Rivals goes online! 
  • Conquer Golf Legend John Daly and more than a dozen other rivals!  
  • Events mode splashes down on the Home Edition
  • Compete in Custom Contests from your Home
  • Bigger, Better Golden Tee World Championship Qualifiers

Expanded Customization:

  • More Unique Clothing Items and Accessories
  • More Crazy Putters
  • More Club Sets

Freaky Friday Courses Expanded in Casual Mode:

  • Play Custom, Popular Courses Anytime You Want
  • New Designs Released Throughout the Year
  • No Player Cards Needed! 

Your Golden Tee Home Edition now comes equipped with a numeric keypad instead of a card reader.  Now instead of swiping a card to check in, simply type in your 10-digit “Cardless ID” and 4-digit PIN to access your personal online profile.  There’s no need to wait for a card in the mail or worry about losing them.  Just type in your number and play!

Keypad For Online Check In:
If you have an online subscription, you and your friends will need to check in each time you play, so your stats and achievements are tracked and stored.  It’s important to always check in with the same ID each time, so your profile and stats are accessible. 

Setting Up Cardless ID:
If you have already set up a web account, you can log in and add a Cardless ID to your profile.  Log in to your web account on or the GT Caddy app, and go to the Account section.

If you already use a card to check in but have not attached it to a web account, go to and click REGISTER, and then click “I player with a player card, credit card or cardless ID”.  Follow the prompts to create your web account, verify your email address, and add a Cardless ID.

If you have never played online, you will need to first register for a web account.  Go to and click REGISTER.  Then click on “I have not played with an ID card yet but would like to”.  Follow the prompts to create your web account, verify your email address, and add a Cardless ID.

Check In and Play:
Once your Cardless ID has been added to your web account, you can check in each time you play online.  Press Start to begin a game, select the number of players and the online game type you want to play, and type in your Cardless ID and PIN when prompted.

*This unit is not wireless and may have additional requirements to connect on line for the paid online subscription.*


Golden Tee 2021 Cabinet Dimensions:
H: 39", W: 25", D: 30", Wt: 160
Monitor And Stand Not Included In Price. Monitor And Stands Are Available.
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