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NBA Showtime On NBC Arcade Video Game

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NBA Showtime is the fifth game in the wildly popular NBA Jam/NBA Hangtime series and the fourth from Midway. In this super fun version, the game is presented in three dimensions and is accelerated by 3Dfx hardware.

It also has exclusive NBA on NBC sponsorship. The game has a realistic feel with all the graphics and sounds used in NBC's NBA coverage. NBA Showtime features official NBA license which allows over 160 NBA players to be included in the game, 5-7 per team, each with his own ratings and photo.

The game comes with a Brand New Flat Screen Monitor! This makes the game look fantastic, and you will have years of trouble free service with this upgraded monitor.

NBA Showtime On NBC Arcade Game Dimensions:
L = 40”, W = 44”, H = 80” Wt = 475 lbs.

(You can remove control panel and width becomes 27”)

Warranty Information:
Our used arcade video games come refurbished. The games are cleaned and painted to look as close to new as possible. As part of our procedures, we replace all defective parts and replace common maintenance parts.

All refurbished arcade video games are Q.C.'d and play tested to make sure everything is in 100% working order upon leaving our building. The games come with a limited 90 day warranty which covers the boards, display and mechanical parts.

This warranty applies to all residential clients and our commercial clients operating on quarters or tokens. We can only offer a 30 day warranty on these items for our commercial clients operating the games on free play.

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