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Super Star Prize Arcade Game


Andamiro's newest prize merchandiser, the Super Star Skill Prize Redemption Game is similar to such Andamiro past hits as the S-Cube and Magic Shot. This new and exciting arcade prize game where players must test their timing skills to win prizes.

 This is a great game option for players of all ages, and is perfect for any type of location. Like with other prize merchandisers, gameplay is intuitive and fun, bringing players back for more as they aim for one of the seven featured prizes inside.

 After inserting a credit, a timer begins to count down while the user presses and holds the button. The ‘magic wand’ inside of the game begins to slowly move in a clockwise direction. All the player has to do is release the button when the star part of the wand is over the desired number. Over the numbers is an acrylic gate with specially cut shapes that creates a challenge as the wand has to go past this gate to win the prize. Player’s cant resist just giving it only one try, which means big profits for operators and locations.

Super Star Arcade Prize Game Dimensions:
H: 89", W 37", D: 40", Wt: 619 Lbs

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