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Tank Tank Tank Arcade Twin Game


 The exceptional experience of Tank! Tank! Tank! begins when a player's photo is taken with the "NamCam" and used as an avatar to identify the player's tank. Players can choose from many different accessories such as military helmets, wrestling masks, space helmets, etc. to further customize their avatars.

 Once the game begins, every shot that is fired can be felt through the force feedback system in both the steering wheel and the seat! Many different weapons are available in addition to the traditional tank cannon such as the Machine Gun, Plasma Bolt, Missile Rack, Colossus Missile, Mega-Beam, and Squirt Gun. Each weapon has its own unique force feedback! The simple controls of a steering wheel with fire buttons along with forward and reverse pedals make this game easy to play and fun for all.

 With varying game modes from cooperation to competition, every game play will be unmatched and Tank! Tank! Tank! will undoubtedly be #1 party game and the most fun players will have playing a multi-player game.

Tank Tank Tank 2 Player Dimensions:
Main Cabinet: 80"W x 44"D x 81"H
Seat (x2): 32"W x 74"D x 55"H

Our used arcade driving games come refurbished. Besides making sure your game works like the day it came out of the box. We also take our time going over these machines to make them look as close to new as possible.

*All refurbished arcade driving games are Q.C.'d and play tested to make sure everything is in 100 % working order. The game comes with a 90 day warranty. Warranty covers the boards, display and mechanical parts.*

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