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The Swarm Arcade Shooting Game


An Ordinary Day… An Extraorinary Event

Moscow is in shambles! Our hero must ward off an alien onslaught to save himself and the human race. With each challenge he finds himself becoming more like those he fights—and able to use their powers against them. His decisions will determine the fate of us all.

The Swarm Arcade Game Features:
  • 7 Levels
  • Many secret rooms
  • Multiple paths on each level
  • 2D HD & astonishing 3D experience in one cabinet
  • Operator & Player selectable 3D
  • "Real D” glasses technology just like movie theatres
  • Operator selectable Red or Yellow Label version
  • 47” 3D HD Monitor
  • Contemporary cabinet design & proven gun technology

Swarm Shooting Arcade Game Dimensions:
H: 97", W: 56", D: 72", Wt: 401 Lbs

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