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Ticket Station 3 Sided Arcade Ticket Eater


Ticket Station is one of the most reliable arcade ticket eaters on the market. This machine saves you both money and time!

Ticket Station Features:
*Prints receipts
*High quality tamper-proof thermal printers
*Bar code security
*Accurate and reliable 4-way bar code recognition
*Smooth & fast operation
*Gently takes first tickets, then ramps up to 13 tickets per
second... 40% faster!
*Holds over 250,000 sliced tickets
*Bag-full sensor alerts staff to change bags.
*Light on top indicates machine status to staff!
*Self-cleaning (patent pending)
*High-pressure air blast every 1000 tickets keeps optos dust-free
*Fail-safe backup systems
*independent computer system for each station
*dual power supply units
*Self destruct protection (patent pending)
*Digital motors provide torque control auto shutdown & restart
*Scissor cutter (patent pending)
*Low-dust scissor cut
*High capacity storage - $175/Case - Three or more cases ordered at same time - $150/Case

Ticket Station Ticket Eater Dimensions:
H: 68", W: 30", D: 30", W: 325 Lbs

Our used ticket eaters come restored. We clean and paint our ticket eaters to look close to new as possible. We also go threw the machine to make sure everything is in 100% working order.

*All restored arcade ticket eaters come with a 90 warranty and free phone support for as long as you own the machine.*

Price Does Not Include Shipping. Please Contact Us For Shipping Cost.