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Triple Turn Ticket Arcade Game


 The concept of Triple Turn is very simple: push the lever to release the ball and see how many tickets you can win. The name Triple Turn comes from both the three different ways a player can win the jackpot as well as the three rotating gears on the playfield. Players can aim to launch the ball into one of three color specific tubes. Each tube will direct the ball into a color matched rotating gear.

 The first gear having lower value tickets, the second gear with medium value tickets and the final gear having higher value tickets as well as the jackpot. Players that land in either the first or second gear will still have a chance at winning the jackpot as each of the gears have openings for the ball to fall down into the lower gear. Landing in the "3 Ball" opening will immediately launch three additional balls onto the playfield! Triple Turn is a great new game that is a must for any family entertainment center.

Triple Turn Ticket Arcade Game Dimensions:
35"W x 65"D x 101"H Weight: 772 lbs.

Shipping Dimensions:
39"W x 69"D x 82"H

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