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X Games Snowboarder Arcade Video Game


 X Games Snowboarder Arcade Video Game is another one of Raw Thrills’ amazing snow themes arcade game. This deluxe racing Snowboard simulator sends players hurtling down Iceland’s icy peaks and tricking off the sandy dunes of the Sahara. X Games features impossible stunts and heart-pounding speed boosts.

 The game features an actual ‘real motion snowboard’ that controls the action. Players steady themselves with the handles or side rails and control the board with their feet. You can link up to 8 machines for head-to-head competition!

X Games Snowboarder Video Game Features:
Realistic snowboard controller platform can pivot and slide
Graphics are displayed on a 47″ HD display; powered by modern PC hardware
Sturdy safety hand rails on both sides and on the front
Three levels to choose from; three characters to select along with different snowboards
Share your high scores on social media (Facebook or Twitter) using Raw Thrills’ QR code system
Family-friendly game play
Dynamic color-changing LED’s
Cutting edge graphics and sound

X Games Snowboarder Dimensions:
104″H x 43.5″W x 77″D, Weight: 900 lbs


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