Arcade Driving Games For Sale

There are few things more exhilarating than zooming at high speeds in an arcade racing game. For decades, racing arcade machines have provided hours of fun for friends and families. Race on your own or against up to four other players as you sit behind the steering wheel of a car, truck, or motorcycle! Perfect for any arcade, barcade, or home game room, people of all ages will enjoy putting the pedal to the metal in the numerous arcade driving games we have for sale.

What to Look for When Buying an Arcade Driving Game Online

Buying an arcade racing machine online takes a lot more consideration than getting your average game or console. They include more parts than just a disc or machine — they have the whole deal. You want to make sure that the controls, the screen, the seat and other parts of the unit come in playable condition. Refurbished and new arcade games alike need everything to work and arrive to you in prime condition. Remember these factors when shopping for racing arcade games:

Shipping Methods

Arcade cabinets already weigh hundreds of pounds, and the seat attachment that comes with racing games adds even more weight. So, you don't only want a relatively affordable shipping method, but also one that will keep the machine safe and arrive to you in perfect condition.

Quality Guarantees

No matter how nice your unit looks out of the box, extended play can cause wear and tear or sometimes more severe damage. Both homes and businesses should check that the seller has a quality guarantee, especially if plenty of guests or customers will use the game. If something happens, it's important that the company will lend a hand.

Contact Options

In some cases, you need to ask questions to understand the product better. Does the seller make it easy to get in touch? And if you have the means, could you visit a showroom to examine the game in-person?

Best Arcade Racing Games to Buy

While every game we sell has something to offer, we offer classic and new favorites like:

The Cruis'n Series

An arcade staple for decades, the Cruis'n series of games lets you participate in high-octane races through familiar and exotic locations. Race through Atlantis in Cruis'n Exotica, or enjoy the breathtaking graphics of Cruis'n Blast.

Mario Kart GP DX

A standby in home and arcade gaming, Mario Kart's newest arcade installment lets you participate in Grand Prix mode and take pictures with "Funny Face Frames."


A standby in home and arcade gaming, Mario Kart's newest arcade installment lets you participate in Grand Prix mode and take pictures with "Funny Face Frames."

But, these options are just the beginning. Browse our inventory to find racing arcade games with even more themes and features.

Buying an Arcade Racing Game for Your Home

You may already have a video game system at home, but nothing beats the feel of an arcade racing machine. They have graphics, controls and decorations you won't find on a console or PC game. Impress and entertain your party guests, or beat your own high score versus family members or the computer. Relive memories of your favorite childhood arcade game, or make new ones with a current model.

Adding an Arcade Racing Game to Your Business

Whether arcade games are the focus of or an addition to your business, you want your customers to have fun and spend coins. Having multiple arcade units at your business lets groups play together, encouraging more than one person to play at once. And even a single machine can earn revenue by enticing the player to play just one more level or beat another score.

Why Buy Your Arcade Driving Games From M&P Amusement?

Considering buying an arcade driving game? Choose M&P Amusement for benefits that other stores don't offer, such as:

High-Quality Customer Service

We provide responsive, friendly customer service online or on the phone. Or you can always stop by our arcade showroom in York, PA, if you're in the area.

Price Match

If you find one of our products at a lower price from another store, get in touch. We can offer you a competitive price you won't find anywhere else.

Warranties on Every Purchase

Every new unit comes with a factory warranty. But, what about refurbished games? All of our used items come with an M&P Amusement warranty, so you can purchase confident in the quality of your new arcade machine.

Quality Guarantee

When you buy equipment from us, you can rest assured it will last you a long time. We not only ensure your refurbished items come in full working condition, but we also offer free phone support and can service customers in the local area, so you are guaranteed a lifetime of fun with your new game.

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