Ice Games

Bean Bag Toss Arcade Ticket Game


 Part of the Ice Games Carnival Series, this long-awaited arcade machine is a fun and challenging spin on the classic bean bag toss everybody loves. Face the timer and see how many bean bags you can toss into the three moving targets, which move and light up!

 Designed for all ages, this carnival redemption game is perfect for all ages. Make three bags in a row on the same color hole and you’re on a streak—equal to 5,000 points! Bean Bag Toss is the perfect carnival-style addition to every game room, arcade and family entertainment center.

Bean Bag Toss Arcade Redemption Game Dimensions:
H: 108", W: 36", D: 135", Wt: 890


The game comes with a blank door and card reader ready. There is additional charges if you would like to add a coin door or ticket dispenser.

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