Plinko Ticket Arcade Game


Come on down, you’re the next contestant on The Price is Right!™

 Plinko™ has been a fan favorite on the Price is Right™ since its debut in 1983, and has earned its name as the most popular game on the show. Now you can play Plinko™ at your favorite FEC and win tickets!

 Players are challenged to drop the Plinko™ chip in any one of the 9 winner slots. Time it just right, and direct the chip towards the ‘Multi-Chip’ or any one of the 9 ‘Megabonus’ letters.

 Watch the action as the chip falls into the ‘Multi Chip’ feature, and multiple chips begin to rain down the playfield! The more chips that fall, the more tickets you win! Go for the ultimate win and light all M-E-G-A-B-O-N-U-S letters!

Plinko Ticket Arcade Game Dimensions:
65"W x 48"D x 114"H, Weight: 644 LBS.

Plinko Shipping Arcade Game Dimensions:
46"W x 30"D x 75"H, Weight: 771 LBS.

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