Air Strike 2- Player Arcade Flight Simulator


 Air Strike is a 2-player flying simulator that takes players through multiple fantastical worlds as they try to shoot down the bad guys! The pendulum motion immerses you in the on-screen action.

 Air Strike offers an immersive and adrenaline-fueled gameplay experience. Players take control of a fighter jet and engage in intense aerial combat against enemy aircraft. The game features stunning graphics and realistic flight controls, putting you in the pilot’s seat of a high-powered war machine.

 With its interactive cabinet and high-definition display, Air Strike brings the excitement of dogfighting to life. Take aim, lock-on to your targets, and unleash a barrage of missiles and machine gunfire to take down your foes. The feedback from the force-feedback joystick adds to the realism, making every maneuver and shot feel authentic.


Air Strike 2- Player Arcade Flight Simulator Features:

  • Multiple character and location selections are available.
  • Pendulum motion on each player’s position.
  • Optional redemption operation.


Air Strike 2- Player Arcade Flight Simulator Dimensions:
H: 87.4", W: 86.2", D: 64.6", Wt: 1653 Lbs

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