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Centipede Chaos Arcade Ticket Game


 Centipede Chaos can be played by1-3 players for tons of fun for the whole family. A Great fun exciting twist on the classic Centipede Arcade game featuring a giant 75″ video screen. The new and refreshing Centipede Chaos is a reboot of the Retro 1981 Atari Centipede arcade classic.

 This ticket redemption game allows three players at the same time for fun and competition. Players battle hordes of bugs along with the centipede in thrilling, action-packed levels by blasting the bugs away – the more you blast, the more you win! The big and exciting challenge is facing a Boss Battle of a giant bug, which shows up every few levels. Control the blasters with an oversized ball-top joystick and a single fire button, making the game easy and exciting.

Centipede Chaos Features:
75” Giant Display
Family-friendly gameplay
Giant LED Joysticks and control panel
Sharp & Vibrant Graphics
Continue Feature
Mushroom-Shaped Seats with LED Lighting and a Rumble Feature

Centipede Chaos Arcade Ticket Game Dimensions:
H: 118", W: 99", D: 89", Wt: 602 Lbs


The game comes with a blank door and card reader ready. There is additional charges if you would like to add a coin door or ticket dispenser.

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