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Chameleon Paradize Ticket Arcade Game


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 Chameleon Paradize is a fun and exciting interactive two-player kiddie game. Players simply press the button on the chameleon’s back to initiate his slurping tongue to try and knock down as many rotating bugs as they can in the allotted time to win tickets.

 Adorable artwork along with great audio effects all packaged in a highly visible, paradise themed Tiki Hut cabinet makes Chameleon Paradize one of the most sought after kiddie redemption games!

Chameleon Paradize Arcade Game Dimensions:
H: 82", W: 53", D: 33", Wt: 650 Lbs
Height is 118" with Marquee

*Our Used Arcade Redemption Games come to you refurbished and fully tested. All games are checked to make sure all electronic and mechanical parts are in working order. Any defective or worn parts are replaced. We also go threw and clean and repair the cabinets to close to new condition. This includes painting the games and installing new artwork if needed.

Before shipping or delivering all used arcade ticket games are run threw our quality control standards and play tested to make sure everything is in 100% working order. A 90-day warranty accompanies all games which covers the boards, displays and mechanical parts. Free phone support for life is offered to all of our valued customers.*

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