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Face Place Photoma Mini Photo Booth


 Designed to transport you back in time, this retro beauty is perfect for bars, clubs, restaurants, and movie theaters that want to give their patrons a memorable experience. With the smallest footprint out of any booth we offer, the Photoma Mini can easily fit in any nook or cranny. The classic design of the booth, coupled with its illuminated top sign and photostrip display, makes it stand out in a crowd. You’ll see the crowds forming before you can say “cheese!” This is the perfect choice for a classic photo booth experience.

 smileOS, the groundbreaking new software from Faceplace focuses first on producing the perfect photo, but then incorporates filters, immersive lighting, automated delivery of content, simple setup, reporting, and OOBE. More immersive and engineered to Apple Industries standards, Photoma shatters the frontier of photo booth innovation.

Face Place Photoma Mini Photo Booth Features:
Touch Screen Navigation
Faceplace Dye-Sub Printing System
Customize Borders & Backgrounds
Captures Photos On Your Own Flash Drive
Customer Logos on Product
Fun Filters
Film Capacity: 700 Vends Per Roll

Theme Packages:
4×6 Photos
Color Photo Strips
Black & White Photo Strips
Fun Scenes & Borders

Remote Monitoring:
Earnings information
Proactive Maintenance alerts
Unit Management
(All available through Back Office)

Social Media Integration:
(All available through OOBE)


Face Place Photoma Mini Photo Booth Dimensions:
H: 90", W: 32", L: 70", Wt: 810 Lbs

*All new photo booth machines come with a factory warranty and free phone support for as long as you own the photo booth.*

New photo booth machines might also be available used recondition. Please contact us for a special price.*

Price Does Not Include Shipping. Please Contact Us For Shipping Cost.