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Fast And The Furious Super Cars 42" Arcade Driving Game


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The Fast & Furious™ movie series is all about the merging of technology and muscle. Raw Thrills combines technology and muscle to produce 2011's leading driving game for the world: FAST & FURIOUS™ SUPER CARS™! The classic franchise screams into the new decade with true hi-def resolution, a 42" 1080p display, and a slick attention-grabbing cabinet. With all Raw Thrills games, SUPERCARS™ is designed from the ground up for reliability and durability.

 FAST & FURIOUS™ SUPERCARS™ features 27 scorching tracks, 10 all-new cars from the hottest makers, and a fresh new sound package. As with all Raw Thrills racing games, FAST & FURIOUS™ SUPER CARS™ is linkable to 8 positions. SUPER CARS™ also features our standard PIN account system, which builds player loyalty without expensive and high-maintenance card systems.

Fast And The Furious Super Car Dimensions:
Main Cabinet Dimensions: 84″H x 37″W x 43″D – 447 lbs
Seat Pedestal Dimensions: 54″H x 31″W x 21″D – 98 lbs
Full Set Up Dimensions: 83 1/8″H x 42 1/2″W x 67 1/2″D

Our used arcade driving games come refurbished. Besides making sure your game works like the day it came out of the box. We also take our time going over these machines to make them look as close to new as possible.

*All refurbished arcade driving games are Q.C.'d and play tested to make sure everything is in 100 % working order. The game comes with a 90 day warranty. Warranty covers the boards, display and mechanical parts.*

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