Golden Tee 2019 Home Edition Golf Game


Golden Tee 2019 is the 30th anniversary edition of the legendary arcade video golf game. Every day tens of thousands of video golfers test their skill on dozens of clever and challenging golf courses. The Golden Tee Home Edition is the same game as the bar model just minus the coin mech and slot. It is the same size, same amazing controls with trackball. This super fun golf game can hook up to any HDTV. 
2019 Golden Tee Golf Home Edition Features:
  • 74 18-hole courses to choose from (annual updates available)
  • Compete Against Computer Opponents of Varying Skill
  • Try To Defeat Legendary PGA Tour Golfer John Daly
  • Adds Competition and Excitement to 1-Player Games
  • Excellent Training Tool for Improving Your Skills
  • Online connectivity: With Its online subscription, you can track your stats, customize your golfers, upload shots to YouTube, and compete against other players in online contests or Player Invitationals.
  • Other Exclusive Game Modes: 2 popular game modes return to the Golden Tee Home Edition, Skins and King of the Hill
  • Full Player Customization: You have complete control of the look and style of your golfer. Build your own club set and golf ball. Putt with a katana or fireman’s axe. Outfit your golfer in the wackiest outfits imaginable—crazy hats and bodysuits and flippers and more.
 Your Golden Tee Home Edition now comes equipped with a numeric keypad instead of a card reader. Now instead of swiping a card to check in, simply type in your 10-digit "Cardless ID” and 4-digit PIN to access your personal online profile. There’s no need to wait for a card in the mail or worry about losing them. Just type in your number and play!
Plug and play! Hook it up to almost any HD television, plug it into the Ethernet, and the game you know and love is yours in 1080p!
Golden Tee 2019 Cabinet Dimensions:
H: 39", W: 25", D: 30", Wt: 160
Monitor And Stand Not Included In Price. Monitor And Stands Are Available.
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