Ice Walker Video Redemption Game


 Ice Walker 2 Player Arcade Game is another amazing water gun game from Coastal Amusements. This game is FUN FUN FUN! The cabinet features a 42" LED monitor.  Players shoot water at the screen to freeze attacking zombies. Shoot the Super Sprayer power-up to unlock an intense 12 stream water cannon for more stopping power! Watch the water mist rise from the playing field to add to the eerie excitement!


Ice Walker 2 Player Arcade Game Dimensions:
H: 107", W: 79", D: 97", 

Ice Walker Main Body Shipping Dimensions:
H: 68", W: 61", D: 46", Weight 584 lbs.

Ice Walker Seat Pallet Shipping Dimensions:
H: 33", W: 46", D: 37", Weight 190 lbs.


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