Lucky Duck Crane Game


Lucky Duck Crane is another great crane game from Coastal Amusements. This fun machine is sure to attract customers!

Lucky Duck Crane Game Features:

  • High earning duck crane
  • Small footprint
  • Can store up to 1,000 rubber ducks
  • Attractive running lights
  • Programmable pricing and options
  • Electronic coin comparator
  • Bill Acceptor optional

Lucky Duck Crane Game Dimensions:
H: 70", W: 24", D: 29", W: 200 Lbs

Shipping Dimensions:
H: 72", W: 26", D: 32", W: 39 Lbs

*All new Arcade Crane Machines come with the factory warranty and free phone support for as long as you own the game.*

New Crane Games might also be available used recondition. Please contact us for a special price.

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