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Nirin Arcade Motorcycle Game


Nirin Motorcycle Arcade Racing offers 5 awesome race courses, each testing you with a variety of twists and turns, and some even through heavy traffic to increase players risk of crashing.

For even more of a challenge each course is at night and increases the difficulty significantly, making this a challenging game even for veteran gamers.

You can choose from 5 different motorbikes and each has it's own unique characteristics, from a Maxi Scooter to a twitchy Super Sports machine.

This arcade racer is eye catching and will attract players to try this fun motorcycle game. The cabinet features a High Definition (1368x768) 32 inch LCD monitor and is powered by Namco's System ES1 hardware.

You have 3 Modes To Choose From:
VS Battle which allows players to show the other rider just how good they are. Race at high speed in a head-to-head competition to be the best rider!

Single Race allows players to tune up their skills. Practice on a single race to learn the track and master your choice of bike.
Time Attack let's players prove they're the best by going for the best lap time on every course.

Nirin Arcade Motorcycle Game Dimensions:
H: 74", W: 41 1/2", D: 76", Wt: 630 Lbs

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