Namco Games

Pac-Man Ticket Mania Ticket Arcade Game


Namco and Raw Thrills team up to bring back the classic Pac-Man arcade game action in this unique video game, but now rewards players with tickets for their efforts. In Pac Man Ticket Mania, players win tickets my munching on as many Pac-Man dots and fruits as they can, while being chased by the famous ghosts Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde!

 When the first level in Pac Man Ticket Mania is completed, the player then advances to the "Bonus Stage" where Pac-Man navigates thought a "pellet-less" maze while again trying to evade the ghosts, with the objective of entering the "Ghost House" where the big "Pac Pot" of tickets sits. If the player makes it into the house, a mesmerizing Pac-Man animation plays on screen.

Pac-Man Ticket Mania Arcade Game Dimensions:
H: 96", W: 31", D: 33", W: 368 Lbs

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