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Shelti Eye 2 Coin Operated Electronic Dart Machine


The Shelti Eye² electronic dart continues to be a popular choice with league players throughout the country. 

The Shelti Eye² features a hinged cabinet that folds for easy transport and installation. An attractive overhead scoring unit, brightly lit LCD display and a number of pre-programmed dart games.

Expandable Controller Design
Forward-thinking design includes hardware support for current features and displays, as well as SD (Secure Digital) Flash Memory and MMC (Multi-Media Card) Flash Memory, RJ12/RS232, and a serial port for expansion and future capabilities.
Software upgrades and operator-specific pricing and feature settings are simply done through the portable SD or MMC Flash Memory devices. This class of device was also selected for future storage capabilities, if needed.
Standardized and Adjustable Handicap Systems
Compliant with leading dart associations, including the National Dart Association guidelines for spot points and spot marks handicapping. Operator programmable adjustment for minimum starting score and maximum awarded marks. Also includes standardized American Darters Association Neutralizer® system.
Phone-Style Keypad and LCD Menu
Back lit LCD and 3-button menu enhance operator setup and statistics reporting. Phone-style keypad provides path to support future features that require player or operator alpha-numeric input.
Auto and Manual Player Change
Operator programmable, including delay timers for automatic and manual player change. New electronic player change button features no moving parts.
Coin and Currency Door
Validator door provides room for a bill acceptor with either a 250-bill or 500-bill stacker. Door is standard with two coin mechanisms.
Closed Cabinet Back With Door Access
Easy access to the key pad, player change and LCD electronics through the locked door.

Tavern-Tested T60/30 Target
Since the late 1980's, the T60/30 target has provided more target area and less "spider" than any competitor. Hinged target design enables easy access to the matrix and segments from the front of the game.
Interchangeable with optional 4-color and international size targets.

Storage Access Door
Locking front access door provides convenient storage for darts, extra tips and accessories.

Auto and Manual Player Change
Programmable, including delay timers for automatic and manual player change. New electronic player change button features no moving parts.

Highly-Visible Overhead Scoring
Forward facing and tipped at 8 degrees for easy-to-see viewing for both players and spectators.
Dot matrix display area provides player instruction before and during game play, and improves communication of feats afterward.

Multiple Games and Game Options
Includes "old favorites" like "01" games, Cricket, Hi Score games and popular Wipe Out, You Pick It and Cut Throat options. Also features fun, speed-based games like Rapid Fire.

Shelti Eye 2 Coin Operated Electronic Dart Features:

  • "TRU-SCORE" for Absolute Scoring Accuracy
  • T-Molding On All Exposed Edges
  • Throw Line Notch On Both Sides
  • Diamond Plate
  • Piezo "Missed Target" Sensor
  • Leg Levelers

Shelti Eye 2 Electronic Dart Board Dimensions:
H: 86", W: 24.5", D: 24.5", W: 180 Lbs

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