Speed Of Light Ticket Arcade Game


Speed of Light is a perennial crowd-pleaser with a large player following and remains a top pick for any entertainment venue.

 Rated the #1 game in the U.S. by RePlay Magazine Players’ Choice Poll in 2012, the popularity of Speed of Light has grown considerably since then, generating thousands and thousands of player-posted Youtube videos marking their high scores and challenging their friends. Celebrities like Justin Bieber and soccer super star Neymar Jr. recently went head-to-head playing Speed of Light, their challenge was posted to Instagram lighting it up with millions of views in just days.

 At an impressive 8ft tall, Speed of Light is an instantly recognizable attraction. It has enjoyed much success with well-known restaurant and entertainment chain Dave & Buster’s which created a Speed of Light App that featured in the “Best New Games” category on Apple’s App Store.

Speed Of Light Ticket Arcade Game Dimensions:
74" W, 65" D, 93" H, Weight: 529 lbs


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