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Squiggle Ticket Arcade Game

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 Squiggle is another fantastic arcade redemption game from Baytek Games! To play you credit up and count down to the drop of 18 red balls into the squiggly playfield. Time the drop of your yellow ball just right, and hit the big glowing button to release it! Win points according to where your ball lands in the mix— aim for the bonus spot!

 Don’t worry… a do-over is allowed if you miss completely.
The game play is unlike anything in the market and offers a player experience that can’t be had at home. Larger-than-life, Squiggle boasts a vertical presence and an exciting appearance that demands attention in any game room, without taking up a large footprint. Squiggle’s skill-based game play will entice repeat play, fueled by that oh-so-close feeling.

 The progressive bonus target stays put, allowing players to improve their timing with each continual play.With its glowing, irresistibly over-sized button, animated lighting and engaging sound package, Squiggle will keep players dropping by for more!

Squiggle Ticket Arcade Game Dimensions:
47"W x 57"D x 143"H*Weight: 580 LBS.

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