Raw Thrills

Super Bikes 3 Arcade Motorcycle Video Game


Raw Thrills introduces the latest iteration of the highest-earning motorcycle racing franchise ever: Super Bikes 3. Redesigned from the ground up, Super Bikes 3 features all-new cabinetry with a bolder, more aggressive look. 

 Wind effects from the cabinet as well as a new camera feature that puts YOU in the game, make this as close to the real thing as you can get without wearing a helmet. Super Bikes 3 lets riders perform mid-air tricks and show off their skills during intense gameplay. Racers can pick from 8 unique characters to ride 8 awesome bikes around 5 crazy tracks. Up to 8 units can be linked and played at one time. Swivel seat bikes are available in 4 colors.

Super Bikes 3 Arcade Motorcycle Video Game Dimensions:
H: 99", W: 45.5", D: 85", Wt: 660 Lbs

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