Surf League Video Redemption Game



  Surf League brings surfing fun to arcades in a form that can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. Presented in a twin-style cabinet for 1-2 players, credit up then hop onto the swivel platform to control your character. There are five animal surfers to choose from and four stages where you can race the waves.

 The game itself plays like a simplified Mario Kart, where you surf along a course with occasional ramps, jumps, and lots of power-ups that can give you an advantage over your rivals. However, watch out for obstacles like giant beach balls, as these can slow you down and keep you from reaching the finish line in time.

Surf League Arcade Game Features:
*Attractive cabinet equipped with a sleek Surfboard that swivels 180 degrees
*One or two-player game that is fun for the whole family
*Choose your racetrack and character
*Collect shells and power-ups for a higher score
*Can be operated with tickets or amusement only

Surf League Video Redemption Game Dimensions:
H: 85", W: 55", D: 83", 

Surf League Main Cabinet Shipping Dimensions:
H: 32", W: 71", D: 33", Weight 419 lbs.

Surf League Monitor Shipping Dimensions:
H: 64", W: 77", D: 24", Weight 4 lbs.

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