6 Ways Arcade Games Can Help Your Business

6 Ways Arcade Games Can Help Your Business

Video games are a multi-billion dollar industry. They influence modern culture and provide a way to connect with friends, family, and people around the globe. It’s no wonder that arcade games have been a staple within many types of businesses for decades - from the expected spots, like restaurants and bars, to less conventional locations, like the dentist’s offices and grocery stores.

Have you ever wondered if arcade games are a potential opportunity for your business? Here are six ways that arcade games can benefit your business.

1. Increasing Customer And Visitor Spending

Arcade games are a great way to engage your customers. Engaged customers tend to stay at a venue for longer, which in turn can lead to additional spending. This is a huge benefit for bars and restaurants: per-person spending increases as families remain for one more game and add a dessert or order another drink while waiting their turn.

Additionally, arcade games are a source of passive revenue, generating their own individual income. This is an added benefit for many businesses, including those where wait times are common. We’ll explore this point later in the blog post. 

2. Creating A Unique Experience

Think about how you can make your business different from others. For instance, any ice cream store can offer cones and shakes, but with commercial arcade games inside, your shop has something extra to make you stand out. 

Everyone can unite over a bit of friendly competition, and arcade games for business give families and friends an avenue to play. People may go out of their way to visit your business because they have so much fun playing games while they wait for their food or have a drink. Adding arcade games makes you more of a destination.

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3. Tapping Into Nostalgia

For every generation, there is a defining arcade game that people fondly remember. Over the decades, game machines have captured the imaginations of millions. From the early days of pinball machines to the popular digital arcade cabinets of the 80s and 90s, gaming is a pervasive force.

Many adults look back fondly on their days spent playing at an arcade and are more than happy to take a trip down memory lane by playing their favorites when they see them at a business. The short nostalgia trip can make a trip to the store or a dinner at a restaurant an even more fond memory. 

4. Optimizing Wait Times

No one likes to wait for a seat or service. If wait times are an unavoidable part of your business, you understand how important it is to keep customers engaged while they wait. Commercial arcade games can make the time pass quickly and keep customers happily occupied. They can also generate a little extra revenue while your guests wait. 

5. Utilizing Unused Space

Time is money, but so is space. Optimizing available floor space is important. Whether it’s retail space, bar space, or dining space - every square foot must contribute. If you have an empty corner in your business that isn’t earning its keep, one or two arcade games can fit perfectly in an unused space. Filling this space with something to engage your customers results in all of the previously mentioned benefits. 

6. Hosting Special Events

Generate excitement by hosting a tournament or other special event that includes commercial arcade games at your business. Turn it into a fundraiser, build positive connections within your community, or keep it simple, such as a themed happy hour on a traditionally slow night.

Find The Right Games For Your Business

The challenge with arcade games for business is finding a source of well-maintained entertainment equipment that speaks to your customer base.

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