How to Add Arcade Games to a Rental Property

How to Add Arcade Games to a Rental Property

No matter what kind of vacation rental you own, you’re always searching for ways to stand out in this competitive marketplace. Featuring games from your guests’ childhood may be the perfect way to make them feel right at home and entertained. Here are our tips for creating an arcade-themed Airbnb or vacation rental.

Some Things to Consider First

Before you start spending money decorating your rental property with images of plumbers, monkeys, streetfighters, and colorful ghosts, get to know your audience. Your target audience may be adults who grew up playing these games, which still hold a very special place in their hearts. But you want to appeal to their children too, including characters that today’s kids would know.

Make sure the arcade theme matches with your building and location. If your vacation rental is located in a modern neighborhood filled with high-end asymmetrical facades, this may not be the right fit for you.

Decorating Your Vacation Rental

Generally speaking, it’s better to pick one theme and stick with it throughout your property, instead of mixing and matching different motifs.

If your budget doesn’t allow you to decorate the entire rental in arcade decorations, focus on one or two rooms instead of scattering it around. 

Maybe you already have pieces of home décor that would match an arcade theme. This might include brightly colored carpets, cushions, end tables, or art. Keep these items — there’s no need to replace them.

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Adding Games to A Vrbo Rental

Vrbo allows for filters, making it easier for users to sort rentals by their own priorities. This platform is a great place to target families who are looking for traditional accommodations. 

If you want to create a Vrbo game room, don’t order random video games and multi-game tables. Instead, plan everything out, list your priorities for the room, and use the space you have wisely. You don’t want to overload the room and overwhelm your guests.

You may decide to create a welcome guide for your guests that includes the WiFi password, nearby restaurant recommendations, and instructions for checking in and out. Don’t forget to mention your game room in your recommended activities! A visible high score board is also a great way to encourage guests to play and have some competitive fun.

Create An Airbnb Game Room

Airbnb allows property owners to list a variety of properties, including shared units and shared rooms. Depending on where you live, there are many Airbnb options in the area. So, this may be a good place to target a niche market, with an arcade-themed Airbnb.

Once you’re done decorating your 80s arcade Airbnb, don’t forget to update your online presence. If you spent your time and money creating a unique design and experience for your guests, show it off, using high quality images. When potential visitors are scrolling through all the different listings, you need images that will help you stand out.

We hope these tips help you draw in people who are going to love staying at your vacation rental.

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