Our Favorite Boss Battles

Our Favorite Boss Battles

There are many antagonists throughout the history of gaming that have captured gamers’ hearts, and frustrations while playing against them. When you put countless coins and time into an arcade game, the final  battle – no matter how difficult it may be – will always be a memory. 

Here are 5 of the best boss battles as well as helpful tips for defeating these villains. 

Street Fighter 2 - General M. Bison

As one of the most popular arcade games in the 90s that helped define the fighting game genre, of course Street Fighter 2 made the list. Street Fighter 2’s boss battle music is great because it intensifies as the match goes on, turning the pressure on. This game also made our list of the best video game soundtracks.

Select your player of choice and fight your way across the world against opponents, such as Dhalism, Zangief, and Blanka. The final fight, featuring M. Bison, can be a tricky one if you’re a fan of button mashing. In order to defeat the self-imposed dictator, it’s best to get familiar with a character and learn their moves and combos. 

Tips on Facing M. Bison

Bison doesn’t need to be close to your player to cause damage with his signature psycho crusher or scissor kick attack. It’s best to study his patterns, hit Bison with low kicks, and use anti-air moves to counter his aerial attacks. 

Mortal Kombat 2  - Shao Kahn

The Mortal Kombat franchise has a few memorable villains (such as Shang Tsung and Goro), but the boss battle in Mortal Kombat 2 featuring Shao Kahn was a coin eater. 

Shao Kahn’s overbearing aggression forces players to be quick on the controls or else they're at risk of hearing “Finish Him.” But Kahn is so aggressive, he’ll rush right into certain attacks and taunt his opponent mid-fight.

Tips for Shao Kahn

It’s crucial to either block or dodge his strong attacks. Be aware of Kahn’s shoulder charge at the beginning of each round. Avoid the spear throw by ducking with your character and make sure you incorporate quick counter attacks.

X-Men - Magneto

Players get to play as their favorite X-Men, facing hordes of enemies and battles versus the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.  The Master of Magnetism awaits you as the final boss of the beloved X-Men arcade game. This final battle will test your “X-Chicken” skills and patience when it comes to conquering Magneto’s attacks and insults. 

Tips for Magneto

Play with a friend, or two to increase your chances of overpowering Magneto for the win. And make sure you avoid him when he raises his shield and gravitates towards your player. Magneto telegraphs some of his moves, so it’s possible to exploit his patterns.

Sunset Riders - Sir Richard Rose

From moving trains to swinging chandelier battles, this mid-western shooter arcade game has quite the array of boss battles. Sir Richard Rose, the wealthy Englishman awaits as you go to collect his $100,000 bounty award. 

Tips on fighting Sir Richard Rose

It’s best to fight Rose with a partner – specifically one with a different firearm than yours, so the attacks are mixed up. Focus on clearing out the bandits and then destroying the balcony where the boss man is, so you can get him on the ground for an easier duel. 

The Simpsons - Mr. Burns

This comical Simpsons arcade game (featuring Homer, Bart, Lisa, and Marge) takes players through the streets of Springfield to retrieve baby Maggie from the arms of Mr. Burns. After you face some memorable battles, like the Krusty balloon and the giant bowling ball, the final act is at Burns Manor, where you’ll fight Waylon Smithers, followed by Mr. Burns. 

Tips on facing Mr. Burns

Mr. Burns' armored suit has various weapons, so players will have to be aware of the different range of attacks while facing him. Quick attacks along with jumping back and forth (Bart and the skateboard work well) will help you defeat Mr. Burns. 

We hope this list of boss battles helps you think back on the times you spent at the arcade defeating your favorite video game villains. Bring back those fond memories by shopping arcade games at M&P Amusement today! 

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