5 Tips for Playing Shuffleboard

5 Tips for Playing Shuffleboard

Table shuffleboard may seem like a straightforward game that’s fun to play when you’re out with friends. But really, it’s an intricate game that combines strategy with finesse. Follow our five tips for playing shuffleboard, and you’ll be able to compete with the pros.

Learn The Rules of Shuffleboard

There are different variations of shuffleboard, like the high-scoring Crazy Eights rules or Tap and Draw — a version where you’re not allowed to knock your opponent’s pucks off the scoring surface. But get started by learning the common table shuffleboard rules in our overview of the game.

Everyday I’m Shuffling

They say that practice makes perfect, and consistently throwing hangers can be difficult to master. So, learn the different types of shuffleboard shots and practice them whenever you can:

  • Side-wheeling shot: Uses the rail as a guide
  • Using English: Spin your puck around the other pucks
  • Bump shot: Knock your own puck into a higher scoring spot
  • Stick shot: Collide with your opponent’s puck, knocking them off and taking their spot on the table
  • Guard shot: Protect your point-earning pucks from your opponent

Mastering multiple shooting techniques will give you a competitive edge over your opponent. They won’t be able to predict how you’ll shoot or where you’ll shoot from, especially if you can shoot with either hand.

Not sure where to get started? A quick YouTube search for “shuffleboard shooting techniques” yields a trove of knowledge.

Pre-Game Warmups

Before you play table shuffleboard, take a few practice slides to get a feel for the weight of the puck as well as the table’s surface and speed.

While warming up, inspect the table for cracks, warping, or dirt buildup. Keeping the surface clean is an essential part of maintaining the table. But having the proper shuffleboard accessories makes this process easier.

Playing on a rough surface makes shuffleboard almost impossible to play and enjoy. Be sure to always maintain your own shuffleboard table or ask that the table be properly prepped when going out to play. 

Side Wheeling

Shooting your puck up the side of the table is a shuffleboard strategy that makes it riskier for your opponent to try to knock you off. If they shoot too strong, their puck will fall into the gutter. Additionally, placing your pucks in each corner makes it more difficult for your opponent to knock off multiple pucks with a single shot.

Exploit Any Weakness

This may seem a tad dramatic for shuffleboard, but take note of your opponent’s weaknesses.

For example, if they tend to overshoot, place your pucks towards the back of the table, inviting them to slide their puck off the back. Or if your opponent’s shots tend to tail off to the left, respond by placing your pucks on the right side of the board, making them more difficult to hit.

Take advantage of any tactic you can use to guard your pucks without using a guard shot that risks multiple weights getting knocked off.

We hope that these tips help you master the game. If you’re looking for top-quality shuffleboards for sale, shop our selection today. M&P has rustic models as well as outdoor shuffleboard tables made from aluminum.

Need help finding the right shuffleboard table for your home or business? Please feel free to give us a call at (717)-887-5293 with any questions.
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