How to Play Skee Ball Like A Pro And Win

How to Play Skee Ball Like A Pro And Win

Skee ball can be a lot of fun to play, whether you’re out with your family at a restaurant or strolling the boardwalk on a date. But if you keep missing shot after shot, you can start to feel silly pretty quickly. 

To win skee ball, there’s more to it than just letting loose and whipping the ball up the lane. So, we put together these five tips to help you get the ball rolling.

5 Tips to Win More Games

The history of skee ball stretches back over a century. In that time, players have learned different techniques to play the game. Even though skee ball may seem like a straightforward game, there is a surprising amount of nuance to winning. 

Stay Low to The Lane

Standing up straight in front of a skee ball lane doesn’t give you the best perspective. You may not even be able to see the incline in the lane. There’s a much better vantage point if you stay low. Lowering your center of gravity also places you in a better position to roll the ball instead of dropping it onto the lane.

Develop a Good Skee Ball Stance

When you think about playing skee ball, you may be more focused on the upper half of your body compared to the lower half. But similar to golf or baseball, you want to find a good stance that you’re comfortable in and can easily repeat over and over. This will help you with your consistency, which is a key part of the game.

You should stand at the same spot each time, bend your knees slightly, and keep your non-dominant foot slightly behind you to help your balance. Additionally, a consistent release point is another important part of winning skee ball.

Roll The Ball Straight

Some people like to put a spin on the ball or bounce it off the side of the lane. But if you’re aiming for consistency, it’s easier to roll the ball straight, using your whole arm (almost like you’re bowling).

Aim For 40

The object of skee ball is to score the most points, but sometimes less is more. The 100-point holes are off in the corners. If you miss them, it's likely that you'll come away with nothing. The 50-point hole is also fairly small and difficult to hit. 

It’s a much safer strategy to aim for the 40-point hole in the middle of the ring. If you roll the ball too hard for 40 points, you still have a shot at the 50-point ring.

Practice Makes Perfect

If you really want to get better at playing skee ball, you need to practice. Buying a skee ball machine can help you put in the time you need to get that competitive edge. M&P Amusement offers a variety of new and restored skee ball machines perfect for a home game room, arcade, or any entertainment venue.

If you’re not sure if you want a 13 or 10 ft. skee ball machine, feel free to get in contact with us  at (717) 887-5293 for more information.

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